Phase 3: Nostalgia

Objective: Relay digital images of ill-fated original Phase 3 mission to ascertain Earth-sensation known as "nostalgia".

Phase 3 Original Primary Objective: Extract pollen from Earth-biological-entities known as "flowers".

Phase 3 Original Secondary Objective: Surveillance.

Citizen Camouflage Kid (above) after receiving new head unit. Original head unit gone truant during Phase 2 mission, whereabouts still unknown.

Group photo of last known Duct Tape Babies to experience planet known as "Earth", documented Earth-year 2009. Current location: extinct, or assimilated.

Citizen Monocle "frolics" in the grass with his "friends".

Citizen Lightface waves "hello" while lounging in the garden.

Citizen Lightface, perhaps swayed by idyllic garden setting, "lets his guard down" and reveals his alternate face.

Citizen Globehead examines orb-like bio-entities. Feeling of belonging ensues.

Citizen Shinyface, "just hangin' out".

Citizen Night Light attempts to locate AC power supply.

Citizen Lightface running preliminary breast spectro-analysis tests.


Citizen Camouflage Kid testing re-engineered parachute straps at undisclosed location. Note: Visual approximation of a "smile" connoting "feelings" of "having fun".

Citizen Red Guy testing breathing apparatus while taking atmospheric readings. Xenon levels deemed insufficient.

Citizen Night Light performing brain-ionizer tests. Location undisclosed.

Citizen Camouflage Kid running pollen count assessment, also known as "taking time to stop and smell the roses".

Citizen Overloard's Son accumulating surveillance footage.

Citizen Jogger malfunction recorded:
//repeated leg and arm motions deemed futile due to lack of solid ground beneath feet//

Citizen Globehead in attempt to ascertain Earth-sensation known as "depression".

Citizen Shinyface conducting photon-befuddlement tests.

Phase 3 deemed a FAILURE due to lack of "tears" at loss of participants in Phase 3. All participants deemed truant and treasonous, with bulk of data regarding "flowers" and surveillance of Earth-humanoids having gone un-relayed to base.

ADDENDUM: Phase 3 now re-classified as "partial-failure" due to being just a little watery-eyed.